Arbitration – Domestic and International

At Bonitas, we recognize the importance of settling commercial disputes via Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. As many of our clients are multinationals, we also recognize the importance of international arbitration, where cross-border disputes are involved. We have developed expertise in these areas to ensure that the commercial and business interests of our clients are well protected. We therefore provide our clients with arbitration service and have expertise in International Commercial Arbitration, Investment Treaty Arbitration and Multi-jurisdictional Disputes.

Our areas of interest include:
i. Representing clients in international commercial arbitrations, both in ad hoc proceedings and under all institutional rules.
ii. Appearing as arbitrators in domestic and international arbitrations.
iii. Representing clients in investment treaty arbitration proceedings.
iv. Advising clients on the scope of arbitration agreements and enforcement of arbitration awards across the globe.