Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Dispute Resolution is a key area of core competence at Bonitas Solicitors. Our approach to dispute resolution is to ensure minimal disruption to business operations and business relationship. Cost effectiveness is also key in management and resolution of disputes and choosing appropriate forum for resolution. We have an experienced, resourceful and well-trained team of lawyers that manage disputes in which our clients are involved. Bonitas Solicitors aims for early resolution of disputes and therefore encourages our clients to consult with our law firm as early as possible in order to resolve any possible problematic matter that could impact on business continuity. We are of the view that not all commercial disputes should end in litigation. We therefore encourage the use of all alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques such as negotiation, expert determination, conciliation, mediation and arbitration to settle disputes, when and where appropriate.

Where litigation is inevitable, we ensure that only lawyers who are conversant with the commercial and technical nuances of the issue at stake are assigned to handle the matter. We understand the high cost that complex and long-drawn litigation can engender. Therefore, while we represent our clients’ interest vigorously at every stage of a dispute, we are always on the look out for opportunities for amicable settlement that may serve the business and commercial interest of our client better.