Energy/Oil and Gas

At Bonitas Solicitors, our energy and natural resources practice is a veritable source of legal solutions for investors in Nigeria’s oil, gas, mining, power and renewable energy sectors. The firm’s expertise covers legal, regulatory and policy issues as well as commercial and fiscal matters that arise in oil, gas, mining, power, and renewable energy transactions. We provide advice on energy and utilities finance, energy mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, electricity and gas transmission, electricity and gas distribution and supply, power purchase, off-take and tolling arrangements as well as environmental issues. We conduct legal and entry due diligence in relation to the acquisition of commercial assets. We assist clients on corporate structuring of legal vehicles as well as handling issues relating to satisfaction of local content requirements and leveraging on the incentives provided by local content laws.

Specifically on Power, Bonitas Energy team is well grounded in providing clients with advice on matters relating to power generation, transmission and distribution and legal relationships between players in this sector. We are well versed in the regulatory requirements of the power sector in Nigeria, particularly the role of National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and those of other players including GENCOs, OPCOs and electricity users. We are also well versed in issues relating to licensing, registration, charges and tariffs, MYTO, TEM, market rules etc.

Our Gas transaction expertise encompasses gas field development, projects, gas transportation/pipeline projects and LNG, gas sales and purchase transactions both within Nigeria and across the border. Our gas experience covers the entire gas value chain spanning the upstream, the midstream and the downstream.

Bonitas Solicitors Oil Industry team provides practical and creative advice to clients throughout the oil and gas value chain, both in the upstream and downstream, from cradle to grave.

The Oil & Gas Transactions Practice Team of Bonitas provides legal support to oil and gas exploration, development and production projects, onshore and deep water transactions in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. The Team supports all players in this sector: state agencies and regulators, including national oil companies (NOCs), International Oil Companies (IOCs), oil industry contractors, participants and partners, project sponsors, operators, lenders and insurers, among others, to structure, negotiate and document complex, challenging and novel oil and gas exploration, development and production projects. We also legal support to the oil downstream sector, including refining transactions.